We love our job because we get to work with some of the most amazing people in our neck of the woods… our team rocks and we are super grateful. We have a solid group of regular collaborators, plus each event is an opportunity to meet someone new and experience the talent of others who are making it happen in the community.


Our team started with a handful of great individuals and we’ve organically grown through the recommendations and connections of our core team members. We’ve also added a few “out-of-the-blue” team members, so feel free to drop us a line if you feel like you’d be a good fit for our crew. We are always looking for team players with great work ethic, attention to detail, and positive vibes.


We love partnering with people who are creating something beautiful in their field. If you love working hard alongside other creatives, then hit us up. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!


Calling all musicians, performing artists, dancers, poets, writers, room commanders, and the like. We love incorporating local talent into our dining experiences and pushing the limits of experiential dining. If you’re into that idea too, give us a buzz.


If you have a cool space or know of a cool place for a Dig & Serve event, drop a line. We’re always on the hunt for event locals!


Fill out this quick form to give us a little more info about you and your ideas for teaming up. We look forward to chatting with you!

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